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The Code Review Companion for .Net.



ReviewPal is an Add-In / Extension for Visual Studio 2008 & Visual Studio 2010 facilitating doing code review within the Visual studio IDE.

The aim of the Add-In / Extension is to do a source code review within the Visual Studio IDE where code makes more sense and most readable. Both the reviewer and the owner of the code gets the benefit of staying within their familiar Visual Studio IDE, where they have all the tool and settings they are accustomed to.

Reviewer would have the .Net solution open in Visual Studio and would be possible to navigate through the code easily as used to, and record the review comments (suggestions and Errors) using the ReviewPal. Once the Review is done, the results, i.e. review item list can be saved to a universally readable HTML file.

This HTML file includes all the details of the review readable on any browser as well as the meta data which enables the owner of code to load the file into the ReviewPal. once the owner of the code gets the review list HTML, it can be loaded in ReviewPal and enabled him to navigate to the reported code location effortlessly and address the review comments and report back the status of the items all through the same HTML save through the ReviewPal.



  1. Visual Studio 2010 extension

    1. Installing the extension

    2. ReviewPal shown in Extension Manager

    3. ReviewPal running within Visual Studio 2010

    4. Review summary Window

    5. Adding a new review item

    6. Saved Review list from ReviewPal, readable using any browser
  2. Visual Studio 2008 add-in


  • 1.0 Initial version with the basic features.
  • 1.2 Upgraded to support Visual Studio 2012.

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sudarsanyes Jul 15, 2012 at 8:08 AM 
This is a very simple review tool that I have encountered so far for Visual Studio. But can be made a little more better.